SYZYGY's Best from Becker & Earle Vol 3 (DVD)

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SYZYGY's Best from Becker & Earle Vol 3 (DVD)
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Diese DVD enthält das Beste aus SYZYGY - der Zeitschrift für Mentalmagie.


This DVD compilation, highlights the very best of SYZYGY - The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism. Lee Earle has selected the very best of the effects that have appeared in the publication over the years, and put them on three very special DVD's. These DVD's have effects by some of the most accomplished mentalists in the business.

Volume three

Contents include:

- Deli Delight by Andy Leviss:
Performer has a sandwich in a lunch bag. A participant describes his favorite sandwich. They are the same!

- Option Call by Paul Green: Deal cards in to a person's hands, add or remove cards as directed, until one card is left - it's the one you predicted

- Par for the Course by Danny Archer: A spectator fills in a scorecard for an imaginary round of golf and adds up the strokes - they are exactly what you foretold.

- Dowsing Duplicates by T.J. Osborn: Take 6 business cards, tear them in half, spread the pieces face down. Unerringly, audience finds matching halves.

- Compelling Key by John Riggs: Using a padlock as a pendulum, you locate the only one of 7 hidden keys that opens the ungimmicked lock.

- Midway Dream by E. Raymond Carlyle: Participants play make-believe carnival games to win plush animals when they duplicate your predicted scores!


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