Svenlopes (Yellow) by Sven Lee

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Svenlopes (Yellow) by Sven Lee
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This pack of 50 envelopes contains 25 force envelopes and 25 regular envelopes.



Diese speziellen Svengali-Kuverts ermöglichen eine brandneue Force und kommen im Pokerformat à 50 Stück zu Ihnen - davon sind 25 Kuverts für Force-Routinen und 25 Umschläge sind unpräpariert.

Das Svengali-Prinzip zählt zu den ältesten Forcier-Prinzipien in der Zauberkunst und Mentalmagie und nahezu jeder - vom Profi bis hin zum Anfänger - nutzt das Svengali-Prinzip mit Karten, Notizbüchern oder Unterlagen. Mit den "Svenlopes" können Sie aber nun noch eins draufsetzen, sie erlauben es Ihnen nämlich, noch raffinierter und flexibler vorzugehen als bei einer klassischen Svengali-Force. Die Umschläge sind mittels eines digitalen Verfahrens präzisionsgefertigt und aus erstklassiger Papierqualität hergestellt. Der Force erfolgt dabei über die Länge der Umschläge und geschieht völlig unbemerkt. Durch die hohen Anforderungen an die Qualität der Umschläge, arbeiten Sie mit einem Requisit, das es Ihnen erlaubt, sich vollkommen auf Ihren Auftritt zu konzentrieren.

Wenn ein Zuschauer in einer Routine ein Kuvert aus den 50 Umschlägen wählt, kann er völlig frei mit dem einzelnen Umschlag verfahren - nichts verrät, dass sein Umschlag präpariert ist. Gleiches gilt für das gesamte Kuvert-Paket. Verwenden Sie ein Paket für verschiedenste Routinen und mit den unterschiedlichsten Gegenständen und sparen Sie bei jedem neuen Auftritt dank der hohen Qualität der Umschläge, die extrem beständig und strapazierfähig sind.

In verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.

Sie erhalten ein Paket mit 50 Svengali-Umschlägen inklusive einer 19-seitigen PDF-Datei mit Anleitungen und Routinen in englischer Sprache sowie einem zusätzlichen Bonus.


"Sven Lee was nice enough to send me a couple sets of his SVENLOPES. First, the quality of these envelopes are top notch. They are made out of heavy paper, ensuring they are opaque no matter what color you choose. They are perfectly made with absolutely no flaws, which ensures they will look right and operate perfectly. The use of the Svengali principle with envelopes can be a very strong tool. As Sven points out, not only can you use playing cards, cards with names on them, pieces of folded paper, but also actual objects such as coins, tickets, and other small items. This is a great utility tool that you should certainly have at your disposal. One of the nicest features is you can use the same envelopes for different forces by just changing out the contents. After handling these for a while, I can see they will last a long time, but I would still recommend you purchase a number of sets. I have no doubt you will find so many uses for this utility prop that you will want multiple sets. I give this product a very high recommendation!"
- Richard Osterlind

"An idea whose time has come. The right head and right hand can create outstanding effects. Real food for thought!!! Mind bending."
- Marc Salem

"I like the quality, and the idea is really interesting. This can be a great tool. I am sure this is something I will use."
- Luca Volpe

Now with a massive 91-page PDF of routines included as a FREE bonus.

- The Svengali principle is one of the oldest forcing principles in magic and mentalism. From beginners to experienced pros, almost everyone uses this principle - either in the form of Svengali cards or Svengali pads or Svengali books.

Enter Svenlopes. A pack of Svengali envelopes which will now add a solid layer of deception and many layers of flexibility to the classic Svengali force.

QUALITY - Svenlopes are precision laser-cut envelopes manufactured using auto digital process. Top quality paper of optimal gsm is used for making Svenlopes. The force is along the length of the envelopes. The difference in alternate envelopes is totally imperceptible. The almost insane level of quality control allows you to concentrate fully on your presentation rather than on the props.

TESTING - Svenlopes are individually hand tested for both making and handling before being packed.

PACKING - Each pack of Svenlopes comes out with a 2-level packing. This ensures that the pack is tamper-proof and, more importantly, keeps the envelope corners intact and prevents getting crushed in transit. So, you get a fresh and crisp set of Svenlopes in pristine condition.

ROUTINES - Almost all the routines for Svengali cards and Svengali pads/books can also be performed with Svenlopes - with an added layer of deception. In fact, when a spectator chooses one envelope out of 50, she can freely handle the single envelope -- there is nothing apparently gimmicked about it. Not just that, the spectator can freely handle the pack of Svenlopes by giving it multiple complete cuts and then choosing the top envelope anytime.

WHAT YOU GET - A pack of 50 Svenlopes in yellow color with box packing containing 25 normal and 25 force envelopes. A MASSIVE 91-PAGE PDF OF ROUTINES IS INCLUDED. And a 19-page PDF with instructions and handling tips is ALSO INCLUDED.


- A BIG advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that your FIELD OF PLAY extends FAR BEYOND just playing cards or Svengali force pads. With Svenlopes you can start using ACTUAL OBJECTS like poker chips, coins, keys, billets, photos of movie stars or music icons or wanted criminals etc., mini greeting cards, stamps, lotto tickets, travel tickets, tarot cards, symbol cards, alphabet cards, picture cards, mini movie posters, number cards, business cards, ID cards, etc.... the applications are actually UNLIMITED... limited only by your imagination. And the beauty is NONE of the OBJECTS need to be gimmicked because the Svenlopes pack takes care of that.

2. SVENLOPES - ONE PACK. MULTIPLE ROUTINES - A bigger advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that UNLIKE Svengali playing cards or Svengali force pads, you DO NOT have to consume a different pack for each different routine. Just one single Svenlopes pack can be used for multiple routines with multiple objects. Simply take out the previous objects and replace with whatever new objects you'd like to use in your routine. So, no RECURRING expense for a long time.

3. SVENLOPES ELEVATE SVENGALI PRINCIPLE BY MANY NOTCHES - The biggest advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that YOUR Svengali magic will get elevated by many notches, to the status of a great deceptive and flexible tool, which the Svengali principle deserves. Svenlopes achieve that for you.