Svenlopes Hollywood by Sven Lee

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Svenlopes Hollywood by Sven Lee
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This massive set contains 71 pieces total!



Basierend auf dem Svengali-Prinzip, eignen sich diese Svengali-Umschläge perfekt für Force-Methoden bei Zauber- und Mentaltricks. Inklusive sind 25 schwarze Svengali-Umschläge im Format 10 x 15 cm, wovon 13 Umschläge normal hergestellt und 12 Umschläge als Force-Umschläge vorgesehen sind.

Führen Sie Ihre Svengali-Routinen ab sofort nun nicht nur mit Svengali-Karten und -Blöcken vor, sondern von nun an auch mit "Svenlopes Hollywood", den speziellen Svengali-Umschlägen für alle Force-Routinen.

Das Set beinhaltet 71 Teile bester Qualität und kommt zusammen mit 9 Bonus-Routinen zu Ihnen. Jeder Umschlag wurde vor dem Verpacken handgeprüft und ist so hergestellt, dass seine Ecken und Kanten extrem beständig sind.

Sie erhalten das Trickset inklusive einer leicht verständlichen Anleitung in englischer Sprache.

Also included are:

Bonus 1 - All the gimmicks for an amazing Hollywood-based routine. A participant randomly and freely chooses an envelope. The movie poster card inside the envelope exactly matches the performer's prediction. As a kicker ending, the participant merely thinks of an actor from that movie and the performer is able to correctly divine that actor's name.

Bonus 2 - All the gimmicks needed for an alternative choice for the above routine.

Bonus 3 - A special prediction envelope.

Bonus 4 - A set of two movie prediction cards.

Bonus 5 - A set of 22 killer routines that can be performed with this set of Svenlopes are included in the PDF.

Bonus 6 - A set of 6 multicolor envelopes in poker size.

Bonus 7 - A set of 10 superb routines that can be performed with the above set are included in the PDF.

Bonus 8 - A 19-page PDF of handling tips.

Bonus 9 - A clear plastic box that stores this entire set and minimizes normal wear-and-tear for a long time.

1. SVENLOPES FOR SVENGALI WITH OBJECTS - A BIG advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that your FIELD OF PLAY extends FAR BEYOND just playing cards or Svengali force pads. With Svenlopes you can start using ACTUAL OBJECTS like poker chips, coins, keys, billets, photos of movie stars or music icons or wanted criminals, mini greeting cards, stamps, lotto tickets, travel tickets, tarot cards, symbol cards, alphabet cards, picture cards, mini movie posters, number cards, business cards, ID cards, etc... the applications are actually UNLIMITED... limited only by your imagination. And the beauty is NONE of the OBJECTS need to be gimmicked because the Svenlopes pack takes care of that.

2. SVENLOPES - ONE PACK. MULTIPLE ROUTINES - A bigger advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that UNLIKE Svengali playing cards or Svengali force pads, you DO NOT have to consume a different pack for each different routine. Just one single Svenlopes pack can be used for multiple routines with multiple objects. Simply take out the previous objects and replace with whatever new objects you'd like to use in your routine. So, no RECURRING expense for a long time.

3. SVENLOPES ELEVATE THE SVENGALI PRINCIPLE BY MANY NOTCHES - The biggest advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that YOUR Svengali magic will get elevated by many notches, to the status of a great deceptive and flexible tool, which the Svengali principle deserves. Svenlopes achieve that for you.