Spun by Morgan Stebler (DVD)

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Spun by Morgan Stebler (DVD)
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Was würden Sie sagen, wenn ihnen jemand sagt, dass er gesehen hat wie eine geliehene Münze geschwebt hat, ohne das diese berührt wurde?



What would you say if someone told you they could VISUALLY bend a BORROWED COIN in MID-AIR... without touching it?


That's what we said... Until we saw Morgan do it live for a circle of 100 screaming fans!

This is as clean as it gets. The floating coin is as precise and breathtaking as an olympic figure skating routine, and the bend is as earth-shattering as an Indy car crashing into the wall at 220 miles per hour.

You'll learn the full routine with all of the subtleties.

Spun features:
• Live performance footage on the streets of Las Vegas
• Complete lecture-style explanations
• Special follow-along practice session with Noblezada

Running Time Approximately 80min

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