Skywalker by The Enchantment

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Skywalker by The Enchantment
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In der Zauberei gibt es kaum Effekte, die mehr Erstaunen hervorrufen als Schwebeillusionen. Lernen Sie wovon andere träumen!


In der Zauberei gibt es kaum Effekte, die mehr Erstaunen hervorrufen als Schwebeillusionen. Lernen Sie wovon andere träumen!

Englische Originalbeschreibung:

Obtain the ability to do what others have only dreamed of…

Of all the wonders in magic, nothing holds more impact and true astonishment than the ability to fly. It is for this reason the levitation is often considered the world's greatest illusion.

The Enchantment, producer of such highly acclaimed effects as Archangel, Dreamweaver, and ABYSS, is finally releasing its most sought after and highly anticipated product to date.
Introducing The Ultimate Self-Levitation!

Never before has it been possible to perform such a pure flight under such practical conditions. This system encompasses a flight without sacrificing height, angles, or visual appeal. Original in mechanics, technique, and style, this innovative system is unlike any other.

This is a levitation you will perform - and perform often. Skywalker is a true, real world system, enabling the performer to levitate under conditions and environments that exist when performing for audiences in the real world. Created for the working pro, whose performing environments are the most unyielding. This levitation can be performed virtually anywhere. Enjoy the ability to perform in the same real world attire you normally wear day-in and day-out. Perform without any hesitations, without any apprehensions, without any suspicion. Skywalker is extremely straight-forward and direct from start to finish, before and after the illusion. This system provides instant flight that is instantly repeatable with instant reset. For the true performer, this has everything necessary for executing the purest illusion. If you are serious about performing for real people, Skywalker is the complete system for levitating in the real world. Up to 400 lb. weight limit.

· Wide Angles
· No Hesitation or Apprehensions
· Instantly Repeatable with Instant Reset
· The Ultimate Reputation Maker


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Dieses Heft beschreibt Alles ganz genau zum Gimmickbau. Schnell gebaut und eine riesen Wirkung wenn die Leute sehen wie man auf einmal 10 oder 12 cm über den Boden schwebt, dann noch eine vielleicht 90 Grad Drehung macht und dann wieder auf den Boden zurück kehrt und einfach geht. Super Wirkung.
Review by Swen / (Veröffentlicht am 22.09.2013)
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