Secret Sessions from A-1 Magical Media (DVD)

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Secret Sessions from A-1 Magical Media (DVD)
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Haben Sie sich schon einmal gewünscht an einer geheimen Magier-Versammlung teilzunehmen? Hier ist Ihre Chance!


Have you ever wished you could sit in on a super-secret session of the top magicians in the world? Here is your chance! Shot commando-style and on-the-run at the exclusive, "invitation only" Fechter's Finger FLicking Frolic, Secret Sessions capture the top magicians on the planet in casual settings recvealing their pet routines. The F.F.F.F. is infamous for its all-night super-sessions, and here is your chance to learn killer magic that before now, was the province of only the privilidged underground. No pipe dreams here; just practical, mind blowing mysteries from the top magical minds in the world.

Featured Artists:
Juan Tamariz
Paul Gertner
John Bannon
Steve Bedwell
Dan Garret
Hiro Sakai
Yuji Wada
Tom Ladshaw
Joe Givan
Ray Mertz
Lennart Green
Guy Hollingworth
Simon Aronson
Doc Eason
Bill Kalush
Amilkar Riega
Hippie Torrales
Yoshio Hirose
Seth Kramer
Carl Cloutier
Michael Weber
David Solomon
Dan Harlan
Mike McGivern
Dave Neighbors
Obie Obrien
Miguel Gomez
Chris Buylla