Santa, Monkey & the Magic Chimney by Tommy James

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Santa, Monkey & the Magic Chimney by Tommy James
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Santa, Monkey & the Magic Chimney



This is the same routine as "Santa Skunk & the Magic Chimney"

but was designed for performers in countries where skunks are not well know.

Its a vanish, a homing card and a DOUBLE card-on-back all in the same routine!

If you are a kid-show magician then you already realize there is a lot of money to be made performing for Christmas shows. Here is a routine that packs flat and plays a MINIMUM of seven minutes. You show the kids seven picture cards. There is a picture of Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Christmas tree, candy cane a present and a skunk. A MONKEY? What does a MONKEY have to do with Christmas?  He  is even wearing a Santa hat!

Have a child help to select a card. Explain that which ever card they choose, you will make it disappear in the magic chimney. As you shuffle thru the cards, the child tells you when to stop and they stop at . . . the Monkey! I'm sorry. We can't use the monkey. He has nothing to do with Christmas. Lets get rid of him. Discard the monkey into your case. Begin shuffling again and the child tells you when to stop. They stop at . . . the MONKEY! I thought we got rid of that pesky monkey! Discard him again. Show all the cards, one by one, no monkey. Begin shuffling and once again the child stops at . . . the MONKEY! The kids are in a frenzy. Discard the monkey for a third time.  Finally the child stops at Santa Claus.

Explain you will now make the picture of Santa disappear in the magic chimney. You turn to get the chimney and there is the MONKEY hanging on your back! The kids go wild trying to tell you. You finally realize what they are telling you and you remove the monkey from your back and discard him.

Place Santa into the chimney and cover him with a green scarf. You explain that when you say MERRY and they shout CHRISTMAS, Santa will disappear. Merry . . . CHRISTMAS! You remove the scarf and Santa is gone! But the kids can see that you're holding him under the scarf and are quick to let you know. Admit you've been caught. Bring Santa from under the scarf and explain that Santa did not disappear because THEY didn't say the magic words loud enough. Replace Santa into the chimney. Merry . . . CHRISTMAS!!! You remove the scarf and he is gone! Once again, the kids see you holding the card under the cloth. You once again admit you've been caught and you remove the card and it is picture of the MONKEY! You don't see the monkey but the kids do and they go wild trying to tell you. Finally you see it, react and discard him.

I guess I DID make Santa disappear! Oh no! Boys and girls, I just made Santa disappear! Do you know what that means? There may not be a Christmas this year. Do you think we should bring Santa back? Cover the chimney and have the kids say the magic words. Whisk the scarf away, but no Santa. You repeat this a few times but still, no Santa. I guess Santa isn't coming back boys and girls. There will be no Christmas this year. Turn around to put the chimney away and SANTA is now hanging on your back! The kids go wild! Remove Santa and have the boys and girl give themselves a nice hand for doing their magic and bringing Santa back. I guess there will be a Christmas after all.

The routine is super easy to perform. Add some comedy wands to make this a 12 minute routine. Can I suggest Tommy James' Comedy Christmas Wand? The cards measure 4.5" by 6.5" and are printed on quality stock. The chimney is beautifully silk screened and the stand is removable for packing. Complete with the gimmicked cards for the double card on back, green opaque scarf and thorough instructions with routine and patter.

An absolute winner for your Christmas shows!


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Bestes Kinder-Entertainment zu Weihnachten
Dieses Kunststück von Thommy James habe ich nicht nur in der Weihnachtsversion, sondern auch als Potty Time. Es ist Bestes Kinder-Entertainment mit wenig Requisiten und flachem Gepäck. Wer gerne die Hooming Card bei Erwachsenen zeigt, hat hier einer einfachere Routine mit ähnlichem Effekt. Obwohl die Kinder sehr laut werden können und so richtig aus sich heraus gehen können, hat man sie dennoch stets unter Kontrolle! Farbenfrohe Requisiten, sehr haltbar - fast unverwüstlich, da Kunststoffkarten verwendet werden. Ein Kunststück mit Happy End! Kaufempfehlung für jeden ernsten Kinderzauberkünstler.
Review by Tonga / (Veröffentlicht am 02.12.2016)
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