Rubik's Cube Amazing Magic Set (With 50 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic

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Rubik's Cube Amazing Magic Set (With 50 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic
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Rubik's Amazing Magic Set!



Rubiks Magie ist der heiße neue Trend! Von sofortigen Lösungen bis hin zu Gedankenlesen, unsere Sets und individuellen Tricks werden sie mit dem meistverkauften 3-D-Puzzle aller Zeiten verblüffen! Da der Zauberwürfel ein Gegenstand ist, der häufig in vielen Haushalten zu finden ist, ahnt niemand, dass es ein magischer Gegenstand ist! 

Erlernen Sie gleich 50 spektakuläre Zauberwürfel-Routinen! Angefangen bei Tricks, bei denen Sie binnen eines Augenblicks einen Zauberwürfel lösen, über Gedankenleseroutinen, Produktionen, Routinen mit Karten, Münzen und einem Becherspiel sowie eine Routine mit einem chinesischen Becherspiel - jeweils in Verbindung mit einem Zauberwürfel!

Sie erhalten den Zaubertrick inklusive einer leicht verständlichen Anleitung in englischer Sprache.


  • Rubik's Mental Cube: A small Rubik's Cube and a box just large enough to fit it are shown. A spectator places the cube into the box with one side facing up and places the lid back on the box. Without removing the lid, the magician can tell which color is facing up!
  • The Rubik's Production Cube: A large box designed to resemble a classic 3X3 Rubik's Cube is shown empty to the audience. A Rubik's Cube is then placed into the empty box and your favorite objects are pulled out! The box is again shown empty, the cube is gone! The box can also be used to produce many solid items out of thin air, including a party's worth of brightly colored candy!
  • Rubik's Magic Cards: These sneaky cards are cleverly marked for a variety of magic effects! Guess the chosen card, find a chosen card behind your back and much more!
  • Rubik's Confusion: A stack of cards, each depicting a hand holding a Rubik's Cube, is shown rubber-banded together. A spectator signs the top card. In a flash, the cube on the signed card turns into three cubes! The signed card is now given to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. The picture on the card really has changed!
  • Rubik's Paddle: A paddle is shown to have a picture of a scrambled Rubik's Cube on both sides. Suddenly, one side shows a picture of a solved cube! Next, BOTH sides show a picture of a solved cube! Finally, a coin appears on one side of the paddle then another appears on the other side! A trick that definitely pays for itself!
  • The Rubik's Cups and Balls: Three solid cups (in bright, classic Rubik's colors) and three sponge balls. A ball is placed on top of the blue cup and the remaining cups are stacked on top of it. In a flash, the ball has penetrated the cup! The effect is repeated with the remaining cups and balls until each ball has penetrated each cup! A classic effect with a Rubik's twist!
  • The Linking Rings: Pass solid metal through solid metal with the magic classic, The Linking Rings! Astound your audience as you show four rings separate, then linked together in a long chain!