Rizer by Eric Ross and B. Smith (DVD)

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Rizer by Eric Ross and B. Smith (DVD)
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Sie zeichen das Bild eines Kartenspiels auf Ihren nackten Arm. Dann, steigt aus der Mitte des gezeichneten Kartenspiels die gewählte Karte des Zuschauers langsam nach oben!


A perfect effect has finally found a beautiful method!

You DRAW a rough image of a deck of cards on your naked arm. Nothing else is seen on your arm, except skin and ink.

Then, from out of the center of the hand-drawn deck, the inked outline of a single card visually rises out of the deck, along your skin, and then stops.
It's the spectators card!

She touches your arm, there's nothing there but skin and ink.

Nothing to hide, palm or steal. No plastic flaps, fake skin, or extra pieces of anything.

Can be performed COMPLETELY surrounded. Your arm, ink, and the rest of your body are 100% examinable.

From network magic consultants, Eric Ross and B. Smith comes the perfect, beautiful thing.

This is Rizer...

* Easy to Perform
* Can be performed 100% surrounded
* Resets in 30 Seconds
* Includes a Super Cool Keychain case to hold the secret stuff.

"F...ing Amazing!"
- David Blaine

"So Simple.. And Genius"
- Cyril Takayama

"Dude, That's Sick!"
- Bro Gilbert

"Hell to the Yeah! That's my kind of trick!"
- Luke Dancy


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Super Trick
Dieser Trick gefällt mir sehr gut, weil er sehr gut geeignet ist um ihn auf der Straße vorzuführen. Sehr empfelenswert! Allerdings braucht man etwas Vorbereitungszeit. Deshalb nur 4 Sterne!
Review by lol996 / (Veröffentlicht am 10.11.2013)
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