Ring 'N Rope by Jahn Gallo (DVD)

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Ring 'N Rope by Jahn Gallo (DVD)
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Jahn Gallo zeigt vor Live Publikum diesen klassischen Effekt, wo ein Ring immer wieder ein Seil magisch durchdringt. Danach wird alles genau und schrittweise erklärt.


If you never had the chance to meet Jahn and Gun Gallo at a magic convention, the explanation is simple: this couple from Sweden has concentrated on performing their unique combination of comedy, mystery, and audience participation professionally for 30 years. Cruise liners fly them to Singapore, Dubai, and other world cities to join the globe trotting luxury liners as guest magicians for the voyage.

The Gallos provide the very best service to their many clients who benefit from the skill and experience gained through performing at many thousands of successful events worldwide. It's laughter and applause everywhere... In Stockholm, Hamburg, Bombay, and Tokyo!

In Nightclubs, Casinos, Parks, and TV shows! The Gallos kind of magic always brings forth belly aching Laughter and thunderous applause from a pleased and entertained public.

Not until recently did they find time to attend conventions, where they started to do lecture tours, workshops, and gala performances for magicians. Thanks to the overwhelming response from magicians attending the lectures, Jahn Gallo has decided to release on DVD some of his pet routines - all of which he has used in his professional act.

"The Ring 'N Rope" is his first DVD. It will show you how the routine looks in front of a live audience. Then it will explain the 11 simple moves you need to perform the effects. As an added bonus a segment of the DVD is shot over Jahn's shoulder that will show you all the moves from the performer's perspective. This is more than a ring and rope trick... This is a complete 11-12 minute professional act using two simple props, a ring and a piece of rope.

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