Ring In Walnut by John Shryock DVD

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Ring In Walnut by John Shryock DVD
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Nach knapp 15 Jahren wird endlich das Geheimnis gelüftet. Eine geliehener Ring verschwindet und erscheint wieder in einer Walnuss, welche in einem Ei steckt und diese wiederum in einer Zitrone!


A borrowed RING ends up in a WALNUT!

The WALNUT is in an EGG!

The EGG is in a LEMON!

After almost 15 years of performance, for the first time on DVD, John Shryock releases his signature routine. A true reputation maker. Nothing is held back. All of the tips and tricks from thousands of performances are explained in full detail.

"I used some of John Shryock's ideas in the Ring In Walnut routine that I presented on the David Letterman show. His loading procedure is really quite brilliant, and served as the "missing link" for a routine I'd been working on for several years."
- STEVE COHEN, The Millionaires' Magician

"If you take the time to learn and perform this effect properly, you will have one of the strongest effects in the art of magic!"
- JEFF McBRIDE, creator of McBride's Magic & Mystery School

"I've seen John perform Ring In Walnut at Warren & Annabelle's numerous times and it kills every time! When the ring is produced the audience gasps."
- WARREN GIBSON, owner of Warren & Annabelle's, Maui, Hawaii


"...this is one true reputation-maker that is hard to beat."
Shane, Online Visions 8/30/2010 Full Review

"...surprising and magical...I'll add my recommendation."
Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 1/1/2011

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