Retina by Looch

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Retina by Looch
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Sehen Sie jemandem tief in die Augen und wissen Sie, was dieser denkt.


Look deep into someone's eyes, and KNOW what they're thinking. They'll swear you have a GIFT.

1. Ask someone to IMAGINE ANYTHING and secretly draw it.
2. Looking deep into their eyes, you REVEAL THEIR THOUGHT EXACTLY.

PLUS, with Looch's expert tips you will learn ways to reveal personal information along with their thoughts, turning a "trick" into a MIRACLE.

PROFESSIONALS: Included on Retina are POWERFUL audience tested routines used by Looch at paid gigs every day. Looch included methods for every imaginable performance situation.


- Powerful performance ideas
- Expert advice on WHEN and HOW to use gimmicks
- Multiple methods for gaining thought-of information
- Plus countless tips from a PRO who uses these exact methods every day.

"Solid, tried-and-tested MIRACLES."
- Peter Turner

"Looch never ceases to amaze me."
- Marc Spelmann

"Looch has taken the art of mentalism into the 21st century."
- Bob Cassidy


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Relativ einfach durchzuführen, gute Idee , wie man Symbol/Bild "erraten" kann.
Relativ einfach durchzuführen.
Verschiedene Möglichkeiten werden angeboten, wie man zum Bild/Symbol kommen kann.
Review by Gabriele Dr. Beitz / (Veröffentlicht am 21.08.2014)
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