Restaurant Worker's Handbook by Jim Pace

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Restaurant Worker's Handbook by Jim Pace
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Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen, wie man Geld mit Restaurantzauberkunst verdienen kann.


Make Money Doing Restaurant Magic!

Jim Pace's "The Restaurant Worker's Handbook shows you how!

Jim Pace makese a very successful living performing Restaurant Magic. Now, in this "Handbook for Restaurant Workers," Jim shares the secrets that have taken him years to learn.

In addition to invaluable information on becoming a successful Restaurant Entertainer. Jim and Jerry MacGregor also part with their own pet routines, including "Openers," "Strong Middle Routines" and "Closers." Learn eight-awesome effects with cards, coins, sponge balls and the appearance / disappearance of restaurant taint table items.

In this extremely informative, 153-page book, Jim teaches you everything it takes to become a successful Restaurant Entertainer.

What you will learn:

- What material to perform
- How to approach a restaurant
- How to Find Places to work.
- How to get the job.
- How to keep the job.
- Pricing your services.
- Creating your act.
- How to promote yourself
- Keys to working tables
- Handling types of clientele
- Secrets for increasing income
- Contracts & More!


Pages 154 - Hardbound