Restaurant Magic from the Greater Magic Librar (DVD)

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Restaurant Magic from the Greater Magic Librar (DVD)
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Lernen Sie von vier der besten Restaurant-Zauberer der USA: Michael Close, Bill Malone, Jim Sisti und Dan Fleshman.


Tired of the same old thing for dinner? Try the savory antics of four of America's finest restaurant magicians: Michael Close, Dan Fleshman, Bill Malone, and Jim Sisti. You'll enjoy each of their shows and learn how to bring home the bacon performing in restaurants as these experts reveal how to establish yourself in the field. Afterward, they'll give detailed instructions of popular effects from their shows.

Effects included:
• Introduction and Interview #1
• Michael Close's Restaurant Show
• Interview #2
• Dan Fleshman's Restaurant Show
• Interview #3
• Jim Sisti's Restaurant Show
• Interview #4
• Bill Malone's Restaurant Show
• Michael Close's Straw Trick Explanation
• Michael Close's Repeat Card on Forehead Explanation
• Dan FLeshman's Card to Wallet Explanation
• Jim Sisti's The Camera Never Lies Explanation
• Bill Malone's Think, Touch, and Turn Explanation
• Bill Malone's Free Wheeling Ambitious Card Explanation