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Quick Change Book
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The last few remaining copies of the most comprehensive work on Quick Change for men.


The last few remaining copies of the most comprehensive work on Quick Change for men are available from the author. Now is your chance to own a work that is not planned to be printed in the near future. Recommended highly by some of the top names in the modern magic world; reviewed positively by some of the most esteemed magic magazines; this is your last opportunity to place this treasure into your library, whether it be with an intention to perform, or purely as a reference to one of the most fascinating forms of magic, which until today, has mostly been kept under wraps.


MAGIC the greatest wordwide magazine for magicians wrote:
QUICK CHANGE is a book that's truly meant to be used and studied. It's a reference work for anyone looking to add costume changes to their act on any scale. Recommended.

magicseen EUROPES No.1 MAGIC MAGAZINE wrote:
This is the first attempt at a comprehensive study of Quick Change techniques for men's costumes and with little else available at the current time the authors have provided a starting point for anyone looking to add a Quick Change or costume change to their act.

Tony Clark, world class magician:
I found it to have a lot of great information and it was easy to understand. You did a great job of producing a well needed book. Congratulations on a great contribution to the art of Quick Change!

Jim Steinmeyer, illusion designer
"An important book filled with unique information on many costume effects. Quick Change is an essential textbook for every stage magician, and I highly recommend it."

Kevin James, world class magician:
"I have always been fascinated with the art of costume change. This is a very comprehensive exploration on the subject. The incredible genius performances of Arturo Brachetti has shown us all what heights can be reached, how inspiring and magical the art form can be. Any serious student will want this book."

Peter Marvey, world class magician
"This book fills a gap in the knowledge of the magic art. Certainly THE book to answer all your quick change questions and a great collector's piece."

Geoffrey Durham, English Television magician
"The magic world has needed a good, clear, authoritative work on quick change for far too long. This is an excellent first book for anyone exploring a fascinating and neglected area of magic. Creative magicians will find real inspiration here. Warmly recommended."

Danny Cole, magician + quick-change artist
"Finally I can understand the details of the German book! I think you have done a good job... the theories and techniques are clear through your writing. I could understand everything, and as a teaching tool, you have done a great job. After all, this is not a book of English literature, it is a magic teaching book! So good job, and I am excited to see the final product."

Mark Parker, illusion designer
"Its an excellent and valuable source of info on this subject. I am sure anyone getting into quick change or even seasoned pro's will discover a few gems here. Well done...excellent."

G. Kaurin "Diamond", quick change artist wrote about the 15 Methods of fastening:
"The most important part of the book is of course the methods of fastening. In this part of the book, the author has done a very clever thing - consulting many people and many resources of what has been already published on this issue for their own methods. Believe me, I was surprized how many different methods there are. The simplicity of some of them and the complexity of the others is amazing."