Practical Card Palming by Bob White (DVD)

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Practical Card Palming by Bob White (DVD)
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Mit Hilfe dieser DVD lernen Sie das A und O der Kartenpalmage! Diese DVD enthält die praktischsten Techniken und Handhabungen.


"In my experience, I have found most magicians feel terribly selfconcious palming cards when performing before an audience. This is perfectly normal, and we have all experienced it at one time or another. For the largest part, this fear can be overcome if a performer has confidence in his methods. This volume contains the most practical techniques and management for palming cards. Anyone can study these explanations and learn to palm cards from the pack with complete confidence under any performing conditions." - Bob White

Contents Include:
• Cards up the sleeve
• Palming Position
• Critical Advice
• Simple Erdnase Top Pal
• Topping the Deck
• Tip-Up Palm
• Berg Palm
• Erdnase Top Palm
• White Top Palm
• One-Hand Top Palm
• Lowey Palm
• Erdnase Bottom Palm
• Dead-Hand Palm
• Hofzinser Bottom Palm
• Braue Bottom Palm
• Top Replacement
• Bottom Replacement
• Palming While Standing