Power Word: Fall by Matt Sconce DVD

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Power Word: Fall by Matt Sconce DVD
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The words you speak when performing, change the impact your magic has on a spectator. Imagine having the ability to control objects with the power of your words. This is not an average psychokinetic effect. With just a quiet whisper from several feet away, you are able to make objects fall at your command. The Power Word principle allows you to perform the impossible, knock one object off another without affecting it or choose which objects will fall and which will remain standing.

No weird, unnatural hand movements, no complicated setups, you do not need to be close to the object, in fact, you can even have your back turned while performing Power Word: Fall. Complete with a method perfect for walk around and street magicians, Power Word: Fall is a must have in your arsenal of reputation makers.

Customer reviews:

"All I can say about it is WOW, this is really good; extremely practical and easy to do!"

"The method itself is glorious! It really is first class."

"This is the best thing of 2008!"

"After a long time here comes a NEW & INTERESTING effect/ method/ concept that people of all ages (irrespective of their specific field in magic) would love to try."

"In a word, this is brilliant."

Running Time Approximately 39min


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Ehrlich gesagt, hatte ich mir von diesem Produkt etwas mehr erwartet. Sprich: Ein bisschen mehr Effekt und ein bisschen weniger Vorbereitung.
Review by Lukas, Kofler, Klagenfurt / (Veröffentlicht am 15.02.2014)
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