Pinnacle with Russ Niedzwiecki (DVD)

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Pinnacle with Russ Niedzwiecki (DVD)
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Russ Niedzwiecki demonstriert und erklärt seine herausragende Routine Pinnacle mit einem Fingerring und einem Gummiband, in welcher der Fingerringer immer wieder das Gummiband durchdringt ...


The Crown Jewel of Rubber Band Effects

A borrowed object (finger ring). An everyday object (rubber band).

Two of the strongest components of powerful magical experience combine in this four-phase presentation, whereby a rubber band penetrates on and off a finger ring-one strand at a time!

On this DVD Russ Niedzwiecki (Just Passin' Thru) finally explains his "Pinnacle Ring and Band" routine, revealing all the finesses sure to make this a modern-day classic that you'll immediately add to your performing repertoire. A truly impromptu miracle, you'll use this routine for the rest of your performing days.

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