Pack Small Play Big - Stand-Up with Cards (DVD)

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Pack Small Play Big - Stand-Up with Cards (DVD)
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Würden Sie gerne eine starke Show präsentieren, die einen garantierten Eindruck hinterlässt, eine Show mit Mystery, Spass, Überraschung ...


How would you like to perform a powerful show that's guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression...a show filled with surprise, mystery, fun and enchantment...a big show that's fun to watch, and even more fun to perform!?

If so, then welcome to Dan Harlan's Pack Small Plays Big Video and DVD series. These four volumes are a sensational collection of complete shows featuring the most fascinating magic to ever pop out of a briefcase. Harlan has been performing and teaching magic for over 25 years, and now he's going to teach you how to make a substantial impression with a practical, easy-to-pack, Show In A Briefcase!

You'll learn how to deliver a professional show with maximum impact and minimum set-up. After Dan performs the entire show in front of a live audience, he opens up his briefcase and teaches you step-by-step, how everything is done. He explains how to organize the show, why particular effects are chosen, how to make the necessary props, where they are placed in the case, handling the props during the show, and what to do with them when you're done.

Once you've learned the magic contained in this series, you'll be able to perform an incredible stand-up show anywhere on a moment's notice!

Vol 4 - Stand-Up with Cards


Through the Veil Equilibrium
Shooting Card
EZ Riser
Egg Beater Mindreader
Stebbins Standing
Size 9


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dan ist ein meister der Präsentation. einfache tricks super verpackt.
Review by Benno / (Veröffentlicht am 03.06.2013)

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