Odyssey (2 DVD set) by Lloyd Barnes and Enigma Ltd.

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Odyssey (2 DVD set) by Lloyd Barnes and Enigma Ltd.
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Ein 2-DVD-Set mit 20 Effekten direkt aus dem kreativen Kopf von Lloyd Barnes.


Odyssey is a 20 effect double disk project straight from the fabulously creative mind of Lloyd Barnes.

After over 8 years in the making, Lloyd Barnes (consultant for Channel 4's six part television magic series 'Troy') is finally releasing some of his most close guarded and sought after secrets on this debut, beautifully shot and packaged, double-disc DVD box set.

From watching Odyssey, you'll learn 20 of Lloyd's uniquely visual, direct and practical effects. All of this is taught in expert detail, including professional tips, tricks and nuances learnt from years of performance and refinement.

Disc 1:

- SLOMO SANDWICH: Visually see a card slowly appear between two sandwich cards.
- STEADFAST: Melt a ring off a rubber band in Three Phases.
- SPARE CHANGE: Melt a borrowed coin through a the bottom of a coffee mug.
- COVERT: Lloyd's take on the classic card to wallet plot.
- SWEET COLUMBIA: Visual change a cup full of sugar into coffee granules.
- THREE IN THE BED: A selected card appears sandwiched between two cards inside the box.
- PURE: A colour change that looks like real magic.
- MOONSHINE: An abstract and fooling coin vanish.
- LOOPHOLE: Link and unlink two borrowed rubber bands together.
- SIGN VANISH: An extremely natural coin vanish.

Disc 2:

- SANDSWITCH: One of the most natural looking switches of a sandwich card you'll ever see.
- GLIMMER: A hyper visual coin through glass.
- SCARLETT UTILITY: A powerful utility move.
- FACE OFF: The Ace of Spades visually changes between two sandwich cards.
- JACKASS: Four Jacks visual vanish one a time from the deck.
- ONLY 2WO: Copper Silver on steroids.
- HARVEY CHANGE: Two cards visually change at the same time.
- LOOPER: Transpose a selected card from between two sandwich cards.
- BANKRUPT: Melt a straw through a borrowed banknote in two visual phases.
- BARREL CHANGE: The original slow motion colour change.

"Holy CR#P! That's some super visual stuff.... Unreal!"
- Titanas. Creator of Titans' Finger by Paul Harris Presents.

"Some of the most direct and visual work I have ever seen. You would be a fool to miss this!"
- Alan Rorrison. Consultant for Dynamo, Creator 'Smoke' by Theory 11.

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