Nestor Hato Nestorizer (DVD + Gimmick)

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Nestor Hato Nestorizer (DVD + Gimmick)
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Nestor Hato ist die Neuentdeckung von J-L Betrand und David Stone. Lassen Sie sich verblüffen und lernen Sie neue Effekte die einfach nur cool sind.


When David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand decided to collaborate again on a new project, the idea was to develop a different type of magic DVD, they needed a new kind of close up artist.
After having directed and produced the two Best Sellers : David Stone - The real Secrets Of Magic they chose to come back with stronger material.
They met Nestor Hato

DVD + Gimmick

- The main effects and techniques using NESTORIZER. A cutting edge opening credits scene that only Jean-Luc Bertrand can film... a visual and magical clip
RIZER EXIT - All of the "CARD EXITS" that can only be done with the NESTORIZER
JUMPERS - The main card ejections involving the gimmick
4.4.4 - Instant transposition of four aces for a chosen card... enjoy the effects many times before looking for the explanation, it's mind blowing.
BLOW - When a magician really blows on a card spread to propels the chosen card out.
FLOURISH - The most advance and flawless aces flourishes ever seen and filmed. No gimmick used, just pure and simple sleight of hand ... esthetique and truly effective.
BLIND DATE - Two spectators, two chosen cards... one coincidence, for the first time ever... a visual coincidence. The change happens right under everyone's eyes. A stunning moment with the simplest move.
ACE, Blooming - Flower ace production
ACE, Royale - Royale flush production

Picture the smartest and simplest gimmick that can be added to any deck of cards...
NESTORIZER will help you enhance many classical card effects and create so many more new ones.
Simplicity / Efficiency / Innovation are the key words - Added to your own deck, it becomes invisible and offers an endless list of new effects and techniques...

Watch the Video Demo. It will really blow you away!

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