Naked (Gimmick and DVD) by Salvador Sufrate

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Naked (Gimmick and DVD) by Salvador Sufrate
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Naked ist eine sehr clevere Idee mit einem Gimmick das einwandfrei funktioniert um einen visuellen und beeindruckenden Kartenwechsel durchzuführen.


NAKED is a very clever idea with a gimmick that works flawlessly to create a visual and impressive card change.

Effect: A card is freely picked and then signed by a member of the audience. The card is then lost in the deck. The magician tries to locate it and shows the card. Unfortunately the magician cannot seem to get it right. The magician puts the wrong card between his lips, he turns around completely and when back, the card picked by the spectator pops up between the magician's lips. The spectator can keep the card as a souvenir.

• No Palming
• No Reels - No Pulls - No threads
• Easy to learn and perform, even for beginners.
• This magic trick may be performed wearing any type of clothes or you may be even NAKED.
• No complicated sleight of hand needed
• Instant resets
• No Flaps
• Use any Bicycle Poker sized deck

It is important to know that anyone can perform NAKED as you can see on the video with this outstanding device.

You will get a DVD with full Spanish/English instructions and a 2 gimmicks made with Bicycle cards.

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