Mouth Coils Book by Mike Shelley

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Mouth Coils Book by Mike Shelley
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Mundschlangen sind Klassiker, die immer aktuell bleiben werden. Hier finden Sie jede Menge Ideen und Tipps, die weiter als der klassische Effekt führen.


Mouth coil mania! The old classic is the new rage with Shelley's gourmet Mouth Coil book! A tasty treat to delight and amaze! Used by magicians and clowns, Mouth Coils are the famous effect where a performer pulls and endless supply of multicolored streamers from their mouth. This complete booklet hosts ideas that stretch beyond that classic effect.
Twenty pages of Mouth Coil miscellaneous, marvelous mojo of miraculous magnitude, including...

* General Tips
* After The Coil Is Produced
* Good MC Bit
* Do You Use A Puppet?
* Slush Powder Climax
* Tongue In Cheek
* Peacock Egg
* Tie One On
* Do As I Do
* Watch, Watch, Watch
* Funny Money
* Out Of The Mouth Of Babies
* Purse Frames
* Sponge Ball To Climax
* Yo All Balled Up
* Running Gag
* And Away We Go
* Spring Flower Finally
* It Floats
* Change Bag Routine
* Vanishing Mouth Coil
* Christmas Garland
* Multi-Colored Ashes
* Magic Coloring Book
* Flash Production
* High As A Kite
* Bases Loaded
* Closing Thoughts