Money Magic Vol 1 - Mark Leveridge

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Money Magic Vol 1 - Mark Leveridge
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For 25 years, Mark Leveridge has been a professional magician earning his living by performing, lecturing and selling his exclusive creations to the magic world through his business, Mark Leveridge Magic. Every single year during that time, Mark has produced a range of new, original ideas and products and so has amassed a solid body of work covering close-up, stand-up, mentalism and even children's effects. Because Mark is a performer, his magic usually has a commercial bias and his routines and methods are designed to be practical and workable. The effects on these DVDs reflect Mark's approach and attempt to provide all viewers with magic which they will genuinely enjoy and use in the deck with a red back! There can be no doubt that magic with money has a great appeal to lay audiences, and on this DVD, Mark performs and explains a wide range of routines using coins and bills. While some sleight of hand is, on occasion, required, there is nothing very difficult here. Mark prefers to reduce the handling to sensible, performable levels rather than simply include clever moves for the sake of it, and so viewers should find all the material revealed here accessible and fun to perform. Effects on this DVD: 1. PAPER MONEY 2. THE OKITO AND BOSTON BOX ROUTINE 3. BROKE 4. MAGNETIC ATTRACTION 5. TEARAWAY 6. THE DETECTIVE COIN 7. BEER MONEY 8. THE ROBIN HOOD COINS ACROSS 9. ATM Running Time Approximately 1hr 40min