Modern Magic by Will Houstoun and RSVP Magic

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Modern Magic by Will Houstoun and RSVP Magic
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Weltklasse Taschenspielerzauberkunst von einem der feinsten Techniker.


World Class Sleight of Hand Magic from one of it's finest technicians.

The New 3 DVD set from rsvpmagic starring the amazing Will Houstoun. Over Five Hours of magic packed onto 3 DVDs in a stunning Limited Edition presentation pack.

Disc 1 - Coins (10 routines - 2 moves)

Anytime Shadows
Bakers Three Fly
Coin 0.5
Flip Fly
JW Grip Vanish/Production
Fire Coins
The Shilling in Candle
RH Retention
Convenient Coin
Bouncing Shadows
Symphony in Silver


Disc 2 - Cards (15 Routines)

Push Through Shuffle
18th C Transpo
Minimal Assembly
Angelic Aces
Wood Cutter's Aces
Impossible Aces
Order and Chaos
The Hunters
Fast Food
GK Aces
Test Card to Pocket
Christopher's Middle Ace Trick
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Disc 3 - Moves & Flourishes (21 Moves - 4 Flourishes)

Push Through Shuffle
Fan Control
Fan Shift

Packet Switch 1
Packet Switch 2
Packet Switch 3
Tabled Add On 1
Tabled Add On 2
Tabled Add On 3
Palm Transfer 1
Palm Transfer 2
Anti-Gravity Shift

Simple Sybil
Simple Yoda
Flipper Sleeve Production Skin Production JW Grip Vanish/Production RH Retention Maintenance Lightness of touch

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