Modern Intricacies by Yoann

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Modern Intricacies by Yoann
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Yoann’s neue DVD enthält 14 Tricks und Routinen.


Here you won't find any interesting patter or clever psychological ploy, only cold-blooded, relevant card routines, cleverly constructed and virtually bulletproof to any technical problem. Most of the tricks are quite difficult, precisely because of that, not only does he teaches you new effects, he also explains new methods, new moves, new concepts. His own vision of what a card trick should be.
It's not for everyone, but it will be worth the effort one will put in. Welcome to Yoann's mind.

Yoann's new dvd featuring 14 tricks and routines that he devised over the years. A unique take on modern card-magic : some could call these routines Magical flourishes, these are tricks that speak for themselves.


- Dr Daley One Second : Yoann meets Dr Daley last trick
- Collective Aces : The 4 aces discover 2 selections In a smooth manner
- Toaster : A trick featuring Toast change and Grill change that will "flip flap flop bam" your audience
- FlipT : An novelly constructed "in the deck" visual transposition
- Minimal Water : A highly visual and minimalist approach to the classic "Oil and water"
- JDStyle : A machiavelic transposition of 2 cards with the jokers
- Jokewild : A fast paced multi-phased visual transposition routine with a kicker ending, perfect for when you have to be standing up
- Magnetik : A visual lesson on cards magnetism
- Major Card : A flowing and visual variation on the "Carte Generale" (general card) theme with a kicker ending
- Nymphea : A nice sequence of appearing/vanishing aces ending with the discovery of a selected card.
- Sanfan : A clever control followed by an "in the fan" sandwich production
- Tetri : An in the hand Triumph made to have a natural flow
- Light Queens : Bill Goodwin's "Queens" bare handed
- Ace Production : A progressive 4 cards production that ends with an aesthetic display
- Jack Production : A progressive and surprising 4 cards production
- King Production : An unexpected 4 cards production in the middle of a minimalist flourish
- Queen Production : A "mechanical" 4 cards production
- Select : An elegant way of having a card selected.
- Springy : A graceful one card production, perfect for your ambitious card routine Moves
- Together : A visual demonstration of the power of attraction Card productions
- Grill change : A lightning fast color change of a side jogged card
- Blurce : The bluff force gets a stylish update
- Dr Daley OSW : Dr Daley last trick, a multi-phases standing up version that you must WATCH
- Hellerdnase : The Erdnase change takes a lift off the deck
- Gordonesque : A gordonesque control of a playing card
- Toast change : Visually transform a side jogged card 

Running time Approximately: 90 min

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