Misleading Mislead (DVD)

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Misleading Mislead (DVD)
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Dieser Effekt: ist impromptu, braucht keine Gimmicks oder Vorbereitung, benötigt geliehen Gegenstände, absolut visuell und unglaublich, … und ist einfach zu erlernen!


How would you describe the perfect magic trick?

I would describe it as: self working, impromptu, gimmick free, no set-up, uses all borrowed objects, visually stunning, start completely clean, end completely clean and last but not least.... easy to master.

Now if I said I had an effect that fit that description, would you believe me?

You're right, this effect is not all of the above. But just about as close as I have ever seen. Simply take away self working and you have a description for this breath taking effect.

Totally Impromptu
Gimmick Free
Visually Stunning
Easy to Master
Uses all Borrowed Objects
Any Pen
Any Bill
NO Set-up
Use any bill from any country.
Perform anywhere, anytime.
Start completely clean
End completely clean

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