Mini Kub Zag Illusion Plans by Illusion Systems

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Mini Kub Zag Illusion Plans by Illusion Systems
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Viele erfolgreiche Methoden vereint um ein komplett neues magisches Konzept zu erschaffen.


Paul Osborne illusion plans are conceived with the builder,collector and performer in mind. We outline the working, construction and performing of each illusion. All plans are drawn on 15" x 20" paper using US Standard measurements, easily converted to metric measurements using a metric conversion chart. These are real prints and, because they are drawn to scale, any measurement can be verified with an architect's scale.

MINI KUB ZAG, created by Jimmy Bix from Vienna. This illusion combines many successful methods to create an all new magical concept. A small house- type structure is displayed and the front doors are opened. In steps your lovely assistant, she barely fits, and the front doors are closed. Instantly, you insert a large evil- looking blade, followed by a solid plastic tube through the front that reveals a gaping hole. From the side, another tube is inserted, revealing yet another open space. Then, without warning, the bottom half of the illusion is slid over-where could she be? The illusion is turned for all to view the two voids left by the tubes and the slid- over portion of the prop. The magician reverses the procedure and out steps the beautiful young lady without a clue as to where she has been!

We feel that our plans look equally at home on your workshop bench or your magic library.


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Back to the roots
Da ich mir auch immer wieder die alten Meister der Magie vor Augen halte habe ich mir diese Baupläne zugelegt.
Es hat echt Spass gemacht diese zu studieren und in die Realität umzusetzen und seine handwerkliches Geschick zu testen.

Einziger Wehrmutstropfen: Die Angaben sind in Inch und müssen umgerechnet werde.

Review by Mario Wagner / (Veröffentlicht am 29.12.2014)