Mastering the Art of Pickpocketing - James Coats (DVD)

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Mastering the Art of Pickpocketing - James Coats (DVD)
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Vom renommierten Taschdieb-Star James Coats kommt nun diese exklusive DVD, die zum ersten Mal die wirklichen Geheimnisse des Trick-Diebstahls eröffnen wird.


From renowned master of pickpocketing and star of Mastering the Art of Watch Stealing comes this exclusive step-by-step guide to pickpocketing! This DVD will reveal for the first time anywhere the real secrets of street pickpockets and how they can be used to entertain.

Remove belts, ties, wallets, watches and much more!

World-renowned Pickpocket Magician James Coats is joined by Criminologist/Illusionist Nicholas Byrd to personally guide you through the closely guarded secrets of misdirection, magic, put-pocketing, and pickpocketing techniques for use in removing belts, ties, wallets, watches, and much more!

Removing anything will be possible once you master these techniques. You too can learn how to be a master pickpocket entertainer with the Mastering the Art of Pickpocketing DVD!

Bonus footage included! Nicholad Byrd's pickpocketing straightjacket illusion! Learn how to pick someone's pocket and remove their watch while secured in a straightjacket!

Warning: The spectator reactions on this DVD are uncut, uncensored and contain adult language. This DVD is intended as an instructional tool for entertainers only. Any use of its contents for illegal acts is strictly prohibited.