Making the Birthday Dough! by Ken Scott (DVD)

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Making the Birthday Dough! by Ken Scott (DVD)

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Diese DVD enthält Ken Scotts live Geburtstagsparty vor Kinder und Erwachsenen. Lernen auch Sie ein solches Fest unvergesslich zu machen.


In this 85 minute instructional video you will get to see Ken's live birthday party show with an actual audience of children and adults. After the show Ken will sit down with producer and director Monte Johnson and have a conversation about the birthday party business. Also, you will see ways to produce a bunny rabbit that will really make your party memorable. In addition, Ken will share with you his thoughts on using music and sound effects in a birthday party show.

"The tape is valuable in itself for showing a seasoned pro working under normal home-party conditions. So what you see is the result of considerable experience." - David Goodsell MUM editor