Make it Spooky CD

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Make it Spooky CD
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Perfekt für Halloween und jeden geheimnisvollen Auftritt.


Verrückte Beats, tolle Melodien und eine unheimliche Atmosphäre! Diese einzigartigen Original-Songs von Arthur und Leslie Stead variieren von Orchestral, Latin, Rock und Jazz bis zu eiskalter Filmmusik. Diese Musik ist perfekt für viele andere Themen und pädagogische Programme wie Ägyptologie, Archäologie, Wissenschaft, Zauberkunst, gruselige krabbelnde Reptilien oder Insekten und natürlich für eine normale Zaubervorstellung, das ganze Jahr hindurch.
Empfohlen von Genii und MUM-Magazin.

CD Inhalt:

1. Prelude :40
2. Monster Mobile 3:27 Sample
3. Unicorn Mountain 4:43 Sample
4. Thing 1:58 Sample
5. Tarantula Tea Party 3:32
6. Black Cat 3:32 Sample
7. Skeleton Tango 2:37
8. Goblins and Ghouls 2:24 Sample
9. Creature Feature 4:39 Sample
10. Groovy Ghost 4:03 Sample
11. Dragon Dreams 3:03
12. King Tut’s Pedicure 4:10 Sample
13. Cool Cadaver 3:41
14. Dungeon :44
15. Full Moon :34
16. Graveyard Shift :36
17. Bat Cave :43
18. Opera Phantom 6:06 Sample

“There are a handful of very skilled composer-arrangers who have chosen to write specifically for magicians. One of the best teams is Arthur and Leslie Stead. This CD contains 13 full length pieces in various styles, all with a certain amount of spookiness to them, such as sound effects (masterfully done, so they don’t interfere with the music) and thematic and harmonic choices that will allow you to underscore various aspects of your routines. There are also five shorter bonus tracks that set the mood very quickly. There are bluesy, orchestral, rock and jazzy pieces.
It all has a good, strong beat, so you can easily choreograph movements to it. Also, there are plenty of spots in which there are musical devices, such as accented chords, “shots,” glissandos, and other musical devices that will allow you to emphasize productions, transformations or vanishes. Taste in music is very subjective. However, this particular CD would be excellent for any of the purposes I have already mentioned, or to set the mood for a séance or bizarre presentation. And it’s not just for Halloween. You can use this music for any kind of routine that needs a spooky background or a mysterious atmosphere.” - Bill Palmer, MUM Magazine review