Magic With Slush and Snow Powder by Chastain Chris (DVD)

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Magic With Slush and Snow Powder by Chastain Chris (DVD)
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Auf dieser DVD lernen Sie wie Sie Slush und Snow Pulver in Ihren Routinen oder als Einzeltrick verwenden.


On this DVD, professional magician CHASTAIN CRISWELL will demonstrate how to use SLUSH & SNOW POWDER in your magic routines or as a stand alone trick. In addition, CHASTAIN will show you covert ways to deliver SLUSH & SNOW POWDER so your audience is never aware you are using one of the industries's best kept secrets!

On this DVD you will learn how to:

* Make a bottle of soda freeze with one touch
* Make items balance in water with ease
* Make water turn into a silk or confetti
* Make water disappear
* Make snow appear from no where


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