Magic on Stage by Jeff McBride Vol 3 (DVD)

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Magic on Stage by Jeff McBride Vol 3 (DVD)

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Jeff McBride ist einer der führenden Erfinder in der Zauberei. Seine einzigartige Art und Weise hat tausende Magier weltweit beeinflusst. Nun lüftet Jeff das Geheimnis um seinen Erfolg und viele seiner wunderbaren Effekte.


Jeff McBride is recognized as a foremost innovator in the art of magic. His unique fusion of martial arts, dance, Kabuki Theater and stagecraft has inspired thousands of magicians around the world. Now, Jeff shares the secrets of his success and creative process with you! Jeff's extensive travels around the world have given him unique insight into the presentation of these mysteries for modern-day audiences. Jeff will show you how to add color, flash, and mystery to your magic.
Explore the fascinating world of stage magic and learn the professional secrets of magic that packs small and plays big. Jeff not only teaches you how to do each effect, but why, and looks at the philosophy and psychology of a world-class performer.

Volume Three - Classics of Magic
Timeless Treasures of Magic

Jeff McBride, voted "Magician of the Year" by Hollywood's famed Magic Castle and The Academy of Magical Arts is a master of the art of stage magic. Jeff's extensive knowledge of magical techniques and theatrical stagecraft is unsurpassed. Enter the world of classic stage magic where you will learn the essential elements of professional performance from one of the world's foremost educators in the art of magic. Each of the magical effects on these volumes were selected because of their timeless appeal and strong audience impact. You will also learn valuable lessons in stagecraft and showmanship by studying these classics. Now you can learn the secets of stage magic by a modern master of the art.

Dancing Cane Techniques on Threading and Balancing
The Basic Dance
Around the Body
The Kick Start Opener
Floating and Twirling
Over the Head Finale
The Ideal Routine
Do One Thing Well
The Fountain of Silks Production
Construction and Preparation
Hat Steal and Routine
Fountain of Silks to Giant Blendo
The Top Hat Load
The Black Art Chair Load
The Finale Load
Listening to Advice
Gloves to Flowers
Color Changing Silks
Zombie Floating Ball
Gimmicks, Balls and Silks
The Quick Start Opening
Floating Techniques
The Cradle
The Arm Balance
Down the Edge
Around the Arm
Around the Back
Around the Neck
The Double Spiral
Zombie Vanish and
Image and Success
Beginning and Ending Your Routine
Bare Hand Floating Ball and Manipulation
The Floral Finale for Zombie
Making Magic at Home
The Twentieth Century Silks
Cane to Silk
Dare to Be Different

Running Time: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

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