Magic on Stage by Jeff McBride Vol 2 (DVD)

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Magic on Stage by Jeff McBride Vol 2 (DVD)
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Jeff McBride ist einer der führenden Erfinder in der Zauberei. Seine einzigartige Art und Weise hat tausende Magier weltweit beeinflusst. Nun lüftet Jeff das Geheimnis um seinen Erfolg und viele seiner wunderbaren Effekte.


Jeff McBride is recognized as a foremost innovator in the art of magic. His unique fusion of martial arts, dance, Kabuki Theater and stagecraft has inspired thousands of magicians around the world. Now, Jeff shares the secrets of his success and creative process with you! Jeff's extensive travels around the world have given him unique insight into the presentation of these mysteries for modern-day audiences. Jeff will show you how to add color, flash, and mystery to your magic.
Explore the fascinating world of stage magic and learn the professional secrets of magic that packs small and plays big. Jeff not only teaches you how to do each effect, but why, and looks at the philosophy and psychology of a world-class performer.

Volume Two - Exotic Mysteries
Flash, Color and Spectacle

Step onstage with Jeff McBride! On Volume Two you will have the chance to learn from a Las Vegas headliner how to add artistic effects and unusual routines into your show. Explore this exotic world of mystery as Jeff inspires you with his insight and commentary and learn not only the "how's" but, more importantly, the "why's."

Exotic Magic Onstage in Performance Cornucopia of Flowers Production
Snowstorm in China
The Silk Road
The Self-Knotting Silks
Silks and Bag Blendo
The Giant Blendo
Egg on Fan
The Chen Lee Water Suspension
Magical Discipline
Creativity and Play Explanations: Flower Clips, Tips & Tricks
Cornucopia of Flowers Production and Technique
Flower Loads and Table Steals
The Mini-Cone Flower Production
Advice on Costumes, Props and Tables
Silk Gimmicks, Clips and Holdouts
The Basic Silk Roll
The Triangle Fold
Fingertip Silk Production
Silk Popper Production
The Pushout Gimmick
McBride's Powertool Clips
Handling Emergency Situations Onstage
The Silk Road Routine
The Production Tube - Construction and Preparation
Loading Technique for Flower, Silk Streamers and Confetti
The Color-Changing Streamer
Flower Manipulations and Productions Play, Practice, Rehearsal, Performance and Feedback Transcending Technique
Bare Hand Silk Productions
Palmo Ball
Steals and Changeovers
Aerial Knot
New Vanishing Knot
Advice on Practical Tables
Snap Knot
Self-Tying Silks
Rose to Silk
Care and Feeding of Your
The Egg on Fan
Blocking and Prop
Handling Apparatus
Customizing Your Props
The Chen Lee Water Suspension
Snap Silk Production/Diminishing
Magic & Music Tips
Giant Blendo
Snowstorm in China

Running Time: 1 Hour and 57 Minutes

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