Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman

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Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman
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Andy Nyman's Killer Elite war nicht nur einer der erfolgreichsten Tricks seiner Zeit. Er wurde auch als „Trick des Jahres“ ausgezeichnet.


Andy Nyman's Killer Elite war nicht nur einer der erfolgreichsten Tricks seiner Zeit. Er wurde auch als "Trick des Jahres" ausgezeichnet bis die Produktion in 2005 eingestellt werden musste. Nun ist es zurück und wurde total überarbeitet.

Inbebriffen sind alle Accessoires und eine englische Beschreibung.

Englische Original-Beschreibung:

Andy Nyman's Killer Elite was not only one of the most successful tricks of its time. It was also voted "Trick of the Year" but unfortunately it ceased production in early 2005. However it is now back and has been totally redesigned for the working performer. A combination of Andy Nyman's thinking and Alakazam Magic's desire for top quality professional products, we are now proud to bring you "Killer Elite Pro."

Even if you own the fantastic original version, you will want to update with this all new pocket sized showpiece.

Complete with stylish custom designed leather wallet, manufactured in high quality leather, real poker chip and full colour movie cards specially printed on credit card stock. No expense has been spared in bringing you this award winning effect in a slick new form.


The performer takes out a small leather wallet and from it; he removes a poker-chip and four cards, each bearing the image of a well known movie-killer.

These are set out on the table and the performer then asks the spectator to imagine the following scene: All four of the killers are in a room, when all of a sudden the inevitable happens and gun shots are fired.

When the smoke clears only one man is left standing!

The survivor is the owner of the poker chip.

The spectator is asked to choose the killer he believes to be the owner of the chip, which is then placed onto the card bearing the image of the chosen survivor.

Amazingly the performer proves that the spectator's selection is the correct one!


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Ganz nett
Trickprinzip ist sehr simpel, allerdings ist nichts überprüfbar.
Weder Chip, noch Karten, noch Tasche.
Qualität der Utensilien könnte bei dem Preis auch besser sein.
Review by Benjamin / (Veröffentlicht am 02.01.2014)
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