John Carney - Part of the Greater Magic Library (DVD)

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John Carney - Part of the Greater Magic Library (DVD)
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John Carny zeigt und erklärt 6 wunderbare Effekte aus seinem Profi-Repertoire.


Through this quality DVD, John Carney shows you how attention to detail may dramatically improve your act.

John is widely acknowledged as one of the top sleight of hand magicians in the world. His technical skill and creativity have captured him two prizes at the FISM international magic conference and he has been awarded the Magic Castle's Magician of the Year six times, the only magician in their history too have won in all four categories; stage performances, sleight of hand, parlor, and innovation.

He dutifully served his magic apprenticeship with the masters in the art; legends such as: Dai Vernon, Faucett Ross, and Roger Klause. John's career has charted a course that has lead him to international prominence.

6 Wonder Works from a Magic Star:

The logical Bill trick.
The Coin in the bottle.
The ring on the stick.
The Card in the Balloon.
Color-Changing Knives.
Strike Up the Band.