Infusion by Geir Bratlie (DVD) (Ellusionist)

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Infusion by Geir Bratlie (DVD) (Ellusionist)

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Stellen Sie sich vor irgendeine geliehene Münze durch den Boden eines geliehenen Glases zu schlagen - ohne dass das Glas kaputt geht! Ein Hammer-Effekt!


"When done right, the coin WILL go right through the glass, and there will be no doubt, even if you do it 100 times in front of the spectator. The more they try to figure it out, the more their eyes will confirm the impossible."
~ Geir Bratlie, Creator

Completely impromptu, no gimmicks
Use any glass and ANY borrowed coin
Stealth-like, imperceptible technique
Video extremely detailed w/ tips from Brad C.

Imagine possessing the ability to take ANY borrowed coin, any borrowed glass, and visually cause the coin to penetrate through the glass at a moment's notice.

Perform Infusion BEFORE Criss Angel's Quarter in Soda Can as a routine and knock people out.


"I just finished watching Infusion... All I can say is, outstanding! This is one the best buys I have made in a very long time. I've tried it a couple of times in front of the mirror. I'm still baffled even when knowing the secret. This is what magic should look like. Straightforward and simple.Two thumbs way up."
- Baronen, Norway


Sounds impossible.

And looks impossible, too. From innovative Norwegian performer Geir Bratlie comes INFUSION®. Containing extensive instruction on every facet of this rock-solid, effect, this DVD release provides all you need to know to be performing INFUSION® soon.

When Geir first presented the effect to Team Ellusionist, we were hooked. Stunning in it's simplicity, and having SUCH a visual nature-- we were blown away. And you will be too.

Can the coin be signed?

You betcha'. In addition, use any other small objects such as rings and keys. The possibilities are limitless.

Do I have to use a plain glass cup?

Nope. Watch and learn as Geir shows how to perform the effect with a SNAPPLE bottle. Imagine the insane reactions.

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