Impromptu Magic Vol.1 - Greater Magic Volume 20 (DVD)

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Impromptu Magic Vol.1 - Greater Magic Volume 20 (DVD)
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Auf dieser DVD finden Sie einige Effekte, die auch Profis zeigen wenn es heisst "Zeig mir doch mal 'nen Trick".


"After three years of working with some of magic's premier artists in the 'Greater Magic Video Library,' I'm excited to share with you the release of what I feel is the strongest collection of magic effects ever produced on DVD. These are the effects the pros use when someone says 'show me a trick', and often times that someone is the person who is paying the bill. These effects will appeal to magicians of all skill levels. I know you'll enjoy the DVD."
- Gene Rump, Producer/Host of the Greater Magic Video Library

A collection of magic's finest

Mike Ammar - Coins
Larry Becker - Heads or Tails
Eugene Burger - Voodoo
John Carney - Coin in Glass
Daryl - Two Quarters
Karrell Fox - Jumping Jacks
Roger Klause - Cigarette Vanish
Johnny Paul - Matches
Shimada - Watch Vanish
Charlie Miller - Ring on Pencil
Michael Weber - William Tell Match
Jay Marshall - Coin Rolls & Sleeving

Running Time
Approximately 49min