iCube by Hugo Shelley

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iCube by Hugo Shelley
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iCube by Hugo Shelley



The first miniature colour cube to work with your iPhone. Now with an extended range and updated iOS app.
A classic effect with a revolutionary twist, iCube (and its companion mobile app) opens up a world of possibilities for stage, close-up and street mentalism.
Choose from three different ways to secretly discover your volunteer’s chosen colour or face.
Vibration: When the cube is turned your phone silently vibrates in your pocket. The settings menu allows you to assign a different coded vibration to each face.
Visual display: A quick look at the screen of your phone will reveal not only the current selection, but also the last four faces that were chosen.
Home screen display: Leave your phone in full view – the chosen face is secretly revealed on your home screen. Perfect for impromptu or casual performances.
And three different modes of use
Orientation: Receive an alert whenever the cube is rotated.
Orientation and Motion: A unique feature combines motion and orientation detection to alert you not only when the cube is rotated, but also when it’s moved.
Orientation and Proximity: Your phone will silently alert you whenever the cube is nearby.
Up to 25m range.
Unique pairing prevents interference from other devices.
Battery level and signal strength indicator.
Perfect for impromptu and close-up.
Zero setup. Just flip it upside down to turn it on.
No need to worry about a separate receiver.
Sealed construction.
More than just a cube and more than just colours.
iCube’s injection-moulded shell allows you to design, print and adhere your own faces. Customise it with logos or keywords – or add a personal touch by printing the names of people in your audience. From QR codes, to photographs, to occult symbols – the possibilities are endless.
The electronics hidden inside the iCube are flat, entirely self contained – and absolutely tiny. They’re also fairly robust and can easily be removed and placed in other objects.
Dimensions: 22mm across.
Battery life: 100+ hrs.
Includes cube & spare coloured faces.
Battery type: User-replaceable CR1632 batteries.
Full instructions can be found in the application.
Please note: This device is compatible with the iPhone 4S and above only. It will also work with the iPod Touch 5G (or later) and iPad 3 (or later) but note that vibration is not possible with these devices.
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