HotShot with RubberBands (DVD)

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HotShot with RubberBands (DVD)
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Ben Salinas zeigt Ihnen wie Sie Gummibänder verschwinden, erscheinen, durchdringen, herumspringen … lassen!


They're everywhere you are. At work. In School. In your desk. In the car. In your pocket!
Now you can perform miracles with the ultimate everyday object....RUBBER BANDS!
Ben Salinas show you how to make rubber bands vanish, re-appear, penetrate your finger, join together, pass through a ring, jump, melt thru a spectator's arm, and most of all, amaze!
No preparation! No advance setup! No gimmicks!
Aa a special bonus, Ben adds two hard-hitting effects that he has closely guarded for years....synthesis, and the ultimate band thru wrist, hypertonic!
Easy to learn magic with Rubber Bands is here, step-by-step, on this DVD!

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