Foundations 3 by Jason England

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Foundations 3 by Jason England
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6 Kartentechniken in 3 Stunden gelehrt vom Experten Jason England.


SIX card techniques taught in 3 hours of instruction by one of the world's foremost experts: Jason England.

FOUNDATIONS 3 contains SIX card handling sleights and utilities taught with comprehensive studio instruction. The range of moves included start with simple utilities such as the application of the crimp card (Dead Cut) all the way to the Tabled Faro - widely regarded as one of the most useful yet difficult techniques to master. No matter your skill level, there is something here for everyone.
The third volume of the acclaimed Foundations Series by Jason England.
Jason England is internationally renowned as a master card technician, exhibiting unrivaled proficiency at some of the most technically challenging moves ever devised. As a teacher, his instruction is captivating, clear, and comprehensive.
Contents: Tabled Faro Shuffle, The Top Card Cover Pass, False Overhand Shuffle, Herrmann Pass, Single Card Straddle Pass, and the Dead Cut. Jason's technique has been refined alongside some of the most legendary card men that have ever lived including Steve Forte, Richard Turner, Martin Nash, and Darwin Ortiz.

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