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Floating Cigarette Booklet
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Fearson's Schwebende Zigarette ist ein Klassiker unter der Schwebeillusionen. Eine brennende Zigarette wird auf der Zunge balanciert und beginnt dann frei zu schweben. Auf den Boden und dann wieder in den Mund.


Fearson's Original Floating Cigarette Routine has become the standard against which all other levitations are judged. A modern day classic, it truly is the final word in close-up levitations!

A lit cigarette is suspended on the tongue and then on the tip of the finger. Next, it begins to float freely between your hands from the left to the right before slowly decending all the way to the floor.

Moving in a circular pattern, the cigarette floats back up to your hands. You form your fingers into a hoop, and the cigarette floats directly through the hoop, proving no connections are possible.The cigarette once again floats down to the floor, stops for a moment and finally rises up, up, all the way into your mouth for a spectacular finish to an incredible effect! Here's what the pro's are saying...

"It's the best trick that I've seen in a long, long time!"
- Michael Ammar -

"The most magical thing I've seen in a long time!"
- Daryl -

"Unbelievably beautiful"
- Jonathan Pendragon -

At the core of this amazing routine is the legendary Fearson Hookup. The hookup has been used by countless professional magicians on television all around the world, among them Barry & Stuart and David Blaine. It is the secret behind the most successful levitation effects of the past 20 years. Just imagine walking up to someone in a bar and doing this, or on the street. It is the ultimate street magic trick and the perfect ice-breaker. Quite simply, it's an attention-getting machine!


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