Filler - Silk in Apple by Alexander de Cova

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Filler - Silk in Apple by Alexander de Cova

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Auf dieser DVD lernen Sie ein Seidentuch verschwinden zu lassen und wieder in einem Apfel erscheinen zu lassen!


In this DVD, Alexander de Cova shares his clever insight, finesse, and subtlety to one of magic's favorite cabaret tricks - the Silk in Apple. This effect, that has been a mainstay routine of many magicians, has been refined by Alexander's great attention to detail, and it has been augmented by his new approach and methodology!

A spectator signs or draws a picture on a silk handkerchief. Slowly and deliberately, the magician vanishes the silk. This diabolical method alone is worth the price of admission. But, it doesn't stop there, the apple is not what you may think. It's totally different from previous methods. Your hands and fingers are in full view the entire time. The "secret move" is not like what the other methods require!

Alexander explains all the preparations, moves, and fine points in his well-known meticulous manner.

A perfect trick with a minimum of props and super-clean handling!

englischsprachige DVD!

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