Fantasio Lecturing Live At The Magic Castle Vol. 3 (DVD)

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Fantasio Lecturing Live At The Magic Castle Vol. 3 (DVD)
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Lernen Sie von einem grossartigen Zauberer, der durch seine innovativen Erfindungen weltbekannt wurde.



"Watching Fantasio perform is to watch a master at work."
- Bill Larsen

"Fantasio: You are one of my true inspirators."
- David Copperfield

"I admire my 'Buen amigo' Fantasio for his superlative act."
- Dai Vernon

"Fantasio: you are a true artist and one of my favourite magicians."
- Doug Henning

"Bravo Fantasio! You are an inspiration to magicians everywhere."
- F. Marshall

"Fantasio: You are a very talented magician."
- Mark Wilson

"Fantasio is a true artist and my dear friend."
- Marvin Roy

"I appreciate Fantasio's superlative accomplishment in Magic."
- Slydini

"Fantastic!... Is the word for Fantasio."
- Walt Disney

Learn great magic from one of the world's greatest magicians!!!

The following tricks are on Volume 3:

• The Challenger Gimmick
• One Handed Vanishing Cane
• Cane to Silk to Lit Candle
• The Challenger Candle
• Vanishing the Appearing Candle
• Appearing Candle from Sleeve
• Silk from Cigarette Lighter
• Thumb Tip to Prevent Evaporation
• Improved Zig-Zag Card
• Flaming Thumb Tip
• Thimbles with Vick Cap
• Sure Lit-Match Production
• Bic Hole Penetration
• Bill inside Bic Lighter
• Silk through Tumbler
• A Generous Magician (Ropes)

Running Time Approximately 65min


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