Factory Sealed Coin in Bottle (DVD) (Ellusionist)

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Factory Sealed Coin in Bottle (DVD) (Ellusionist)
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Ein starker "Münze durch Flasche"-Effekt mit garantiertem WOW-Erfolg bei den Zuschauern.


Make your reputation in the twilight zone

Nick Verna created Factory Sealed. He tried something with plastic and water that no one had thought of before. It worked.

He demo'd the effect at an International Brotherhood of Magicians meeting and in his own mild way simply "blew away the crowd". News spread in Internet chat rooms and forums, and the talk of the piece grew to mythic proportions.

People who saw Nick V. perform it insisted it was unlike anything they had seen before. Nick told no one how it was done.

Ellusionist took the basic principles Nick V. had invented and, together with Brad Christian, Justin Miller and Wayne Houchin, formed the genius effect into a perfect masterpiece.

The effect can be performed surrounded or for one person. Methods vary depending on how many audience members are present. In the DVD (taught by acclaimed performer Justin Miller), you will be schooled in unusual magic subtleties that you will apply to different situations you come across in while performing the piece.

After shooting for the DVD was wrapped, Justin started to perform the effect for magicians he knew. Again, fuel to the fire was added and Internet forums went wild (a post on Ellusionist shot to 40,000 views and on the famed Magic Cafe, 25 pages of posts were racked up). Companies tried to capitalize on the buzz and quickly rushed coin in bottle products to market that in many instances fell short. Ellusionist took its time and honed the piece into the perfect miracle.
You will never need to look at another Coin In Bottle effect again. You'll be making your reputation in the twilight zone.

"... looked like trick photography, but he was performing Factory Sealed in my own kitchen! It's the real deal."
- Marc DeSouza, Top Magic Pro

"It's the only coin in bottle I perform when asked to do a trick. It frys, and is just SO far ahead of anything else out there."
- Justin Miller, Top Magic Pro

"It was pure Osmosis."
- Forrest Chapman, IBM Ring 6 President

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