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Equilibrium by Magic World
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Demonstrate the ability to synchronize precisely with ANY spectator. ANY time. AGAIN and AGAIN. Just by taking hold of their hand you can effortlessly reach a state of EQUILIBRIUM with them.

With Equilibrium, Daniel Meadows has built on the work of Al Koran & Dave Arch to update an old principle with a new twist in order to produce an effect of contact mind-reading. The mechanics are simple and allow you to really connect with your participant and focus on the pure effect.

Imagine this:
A spectator cuts off some cards from a deck and then gives you some cards too.
The spectator holds their cards behind their back at all times
You join hands with the spectator and form a connection
You eliminate cards from your hand until you reach a state of Equilibrium
You both deal your cards down to reveal you have the same number;
You have exactly matched them!

Points to remember:
Extremely easy to do!
Resets instantly!
No memory work!
No angle issues!
Can be performed without a table!
Now can be performed genuinely blindfolded!

Equilibrium introduces the new 'Deadly Locator Card' which hides in your deck in plain sight until you need it. Whenever required, it allows you to create miracles from a shuffled deck in use. On the accompanying DVD, Daniel Meadows teaches 4 different ways of performing the main Equilibrium effect along with a handful of bonus ideas to get the most out of your Deadly Locator Card.


Equilibrium is a cool effect that is nearly self working."
Magic Junkie, Reviewer 4/10/2015

This is a great effect. It’s flexible enough to be used as an opening number to a mentalism act as you attempt to establish a connection with your audience, or it could be played off as you have an insane mastery of cards and know just how many cards someone has just by look and weight. It plays well for stage, or for close up, and the instant reset-ability makes it a valuable piece for strolling magic."
William Draven, Reviewer 3/12/201

"A wonderful gimmick card that will make your life much easier and should open up a lot of ideas for your regular card work. This effect is something that is easy to do, would appeal to every level of performer and shows you have a very unusual skill. "
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 3/15/2015

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