Entertainer's Handbook by Mike Stilwell

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Entertainer's Handbook by Mike Stilwell
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Ein Buch für alle Arten von Unterhaltungskünstlern.


This is a book to help all kinds of entertainers such as: clowns, magicians, comics, dancers, jugglers, DJ's, mimes, stilt walkers, musicians, balloon twisters, puppeteers, face painters, vocalist, and many more.

You know your special talent but you need help. Here is down to earth information from the author's 40 years of experience.

He provides that first-hand knowledge you need to get started and advance to full time employment as an entertainer.

He shares with you what he has learned the hard way from his gigs in many different types of locations such as: streets, restaurants, malls, ships, trade shows, yachts and working with a variety of entertainers to produce successful events.

In addition tom being a highly acclaimed magician and widely known as one of San Diego's most favorite entertainers, he has the respect of other entertainers for his creativity and passion for his profession.

Getting Started- identify your talent, agents, selecting a stage name, booking/invoice
Getting and Keeping a Gig- how to have a repeat/steady business and client
Fees for service- records, what to charge, getting paid, charity, barter services
Prep for your gig/performance- parking, equipment, costumes, emergencies, and ethics
Terminology needed for special locations- boats, restaurants, trade and stage shows
Marketing- business cards, press releases, direct mail, signs, and social media/internet
Location- restaurants, boats, fairs, hotels, nightclubs, trade shows, hospitals, and parties