Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing by Byrd and Coats Vol 2 (DVD)

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Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing by Byrd and Coats Vol 2 (DVD)
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Eine einzigartige DVD-Serie über Trickdiebstahl. Nichts wird ausgelassen und alles erklärt!


In this fantastic four DVD series, Nicholas Byrd and James Coats discuss theory, routines, body positioning, body contact, and the conditioning used during putpocketing and shocking steals. This incredibly extensive library of pick pocketing effects is the perfect foundation for any act. Byrd and Coats explain it all!

Volume Two - Pickpocketing

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume #2, Pickpocketing. Nicholas Byrd and James Coats discuss body positioning, scoping & spotting, patter, and the theories behind the physical touch that will allow you to successfully incorporate pickpocket entertainment into your show. This DVD will teach you, step-by-step, how to remove the following:

-Hanging Items (Keys, Cellular Phones, Badges, etc.)
-Items from Shirt Pockets (Cigarettes, Lighters, Pens, Glasses, etc.)
-Items from the inside or outside of a Jacket., Coat, or Blazer
-Items form the front pockets of pants featuring:

The Dip

the Remington Shake

The Pop-Up

-Items from Back Pockets of Pants
-Wallets, featuring:

The Ravel Hang
The Modified Ravel Hang
The Dip

-Learn Ricky Dunn Pickpocketing and much more...