Easy to Master Money Miracles Vol 2 - Michael Ammar (DVD)

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Easy to Master Money Miracles Vol 2 - Michael Ammar (DVD)
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Eine reichhaltige Sammlung von Tricks mit Geld - Klassiker und neue Effekte. M. Ammar hat seine besten Tricks auf diesen DVDs festgehalten.


"The best, most memorable, and most influential coin and currency mysteries of the past fifty years!" - Jon Racherbaumer

A rich collection of powerful money magic - both new and classic. World Champion magician Michael Ammar has assembled the very best of the practical yet astonishing routines using coins and currency ever shown on video. This is any-time, any-place magic which you can use to astonish spectators anywhere!

Volume Two
Shadow Coins (Roth & Ammar)
BeSwitched (George Hample) Coin Flurry & Jumbo Production
Sensory Control (Bob Elliott)
Copper Silver Transpo
The $2 Bill Tear (Bert Jacques & Gene Keeney)
Sonic Squeeze (Michael Ammar)
The 4 Coin Roll Down (Manuel)
Expansion of Texture (Dai Vernon & L'Homme Masque)
Bonus Effect - Self - Folding Bill (Stephan Schutzer)