DST by Luke Dancy and David Regal

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DST by Luke Dancy and David Regal
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Ein neues Werk von Luke Dancy und David Regal im Bereich Kartenzauberei.


Luke Dancy and David Regal have joined forces once again to present some of the most eye-popping, astonishing card magic ever developed, using an extremely versatile, and DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE TECHNIQUE. Imagine:

- Performing the 3 Card Monte, only to cause all three cards to change to three completely different cards... - Causing a poor poker hand to instantly morph into a Royal Flush... - Causing four jokers to reveal a selected card in a surprising and novel way, and then transform into the selections' mates... - Transposing the aces under the fairest conditions, and ending with a climax that has to be seen to be believed... - Reading the minds of three spectators under impossible conditions... - Slowly and visually erasing the faces of 4 court cards, only to have them reappear in the cleanest possible fashion...

What is taught on this DVD is just the beginning. The effects possible are limited only by your imagination.

This is what card magic is supposed to look like. This is DST.

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